Free consultation

Please call or email and I will consult with you for the steps required for your project . All additions and new homes/garages/barns/decks/cottages will require zoning checks for setbacks/heights/lot coverage and basic zoning allowance of the proposed structure. If your on septic ,where the septic is in relation to the project and the size of the septic will also come into play. Next concern will be addressed by the municipality/city if conservation has any authority and if they need to be consulted . If your within a certain distance from a provincial highway they must also approve a project and a certain distance from a well intake that supplies community drinking water will need conservation approval. Distance from livestock barn will also need a study done to provide minimum distance of separation.

These are most of the issues that will come up and need to be looked at prior to proceeding with plan development . If you decide you would like me to proceed with plans I can either handle these issues or help direct you on the path.

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